Established in 2017, Mommy In Los Angeles® is a hyperlocal online publication with an annual print edition. We believe in the importance of motherhood. And not just the aspect of raising children in this fast-growing city, but the aspect of giving life to your self-identity. Who are you (besides a mom)? What can you offer, (besides love to your children)? We all have something to contribute to society. We each have a story to tell. And we live in the best city to tell it. So let’s share & learn from one another. This online magazine is for moms and it highlights LA moms. We cover general Los Angeles news and trends but we love to focus on giving moms a space to shine & inspire other people around our city and around the world.

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The Team


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Anabel Marquez, Founder & Editor

Inquisitive and people-loving former news reporter gets married to her college crush, has two boys and works full-time. Then, she decides work, kids and hubby aren't keeping her busy enough. So she launches her dream project, something exciting that will actually grow her mom tribe along the way–– an online magazine for LA Moms with a yearly print edition (Premier edition will come out in July 2018).

"I'd rather be a mom boss, not a bossy mom."

Email: Editor@MommyInLosAngeles.com


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Frances Feldmann, Beauty Contributor & Photographer

Kinda shy...but outgoing...but shy, Frances is not a mommy, although she might as well be after all the babysitting she does for Anabel. Frances is an entrepreneur in her own right and knows a whole lot about beauty. She graduated from a Paul Mitchell School in San Francisco, then went to train in London at a Vidal Sassoon Academy. When she's not covering beauty events, make-up shows, glam stuff and red carpet events for Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine, she's applying make-up, styling hair and/or ordering make-up online through her own On Location Glam. And vice versa.

Email: Frances@MommyInLosAngeles.com



Irene Marquez, Fashion Contributor & Social Media Manager

Former fashion blogger and current collector of fancy shoes, Irene has an eye for style and loves all things aesthetically pleasing. For Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine, she writes about LA-based fashion and fashion experiences, from wedding gown shopping in the Santee Alley to the latest Louis Vuitton Pop-Up in Downtown. She loves covering LA designers and recommending fashion trends for moms in Los Angeles. "I'm not a mother. But I'm an unapologetic fairy godmother!"

Email: Info@MommyInLosAngeles.com


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